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    Multi file upload question

      I have an app that uploads files, and does batch uploads, but does it by using the FileReference.upload, and that makes it so that it only uploads one file, calls the upload.php script, and then uploads another and calls the upload.php script again.

      I would like to be able to upload all of the files, then go through the lot of them all at once using foreach($_FILES as $tagname=>$object) so that I when it hits the end it can send one email out instead of one for each file.

      Does anyone know how to make it loop through the upload a bunch of time before triggering the upload.php script?
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          I seek the same answer.

          Did you find it?

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            andyd273 Level 1
            I found a workaround...
            Basically, what I did to get it to work the way that I need it to is I split the upload script into two files. Then I split the upload function in the swf into two parts too... the first part loops through all of the files, calling the second part which uses the first part of the upload script to do the uploading for each file.
            Then when all of the files are uploaded, the first part of the upload function calls the second upload script to send the notification email and display the upload complete message...

            Hopefully that was somewhat clear. I am getting caught back up on a lot of stuff and don't have time to open up the swf files to give better examples, but if you have any questions about my explanation, let me know and I can try to go into more detail later...