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    Where to download Reader 9.3.1..?




      I'm trying to find the location of Adobe Reader 9.3.1 in order to download it.


      I can't see it on the download page for Adobe Reader. If I try and download what's there (9.3) then I download a file that's exactly the same version and filesize as 9.3.0 so I am presuming that Adobe are still sending out 9.3.0 even though it's got 2 security vulnerabilities that they are supposed to have patched in 9.3.1 (http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/view/7441/adobe-security-updates-confuse-users/).


      I have tried looking on the website trying to find this mythical update that's supposed to exist but I am unsuccessful so far.


      Am I mindlessly looking in the wrong place or is someone dragging heels?