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    Feature Request: An XML parser that supports writing modified XML.

    areohbee Level 6

      LrXml allows one to read an xml document, or build one for serialization from scratch, but does not allow one to read one, modifiy it, then serialize it. I would have written my own, but the LrXml bug that does not reveal the namespace for any nodes other than the root (on Windows 7/64-bit anyway) means I can't leverage the existing parser in LrXml.


      I request a read/write xml parser in the sdk. for example:


      LrXml.parseToLuaTable( xml-string ) -- returns table of nested tables...

      -- Manipulate lua table data using ordinary lua, or LrXml methods like: LrXml.childrenTables( root-node-table ) - programmers choice.

      LrXml.serializeLuaTableToXml( lua-xml-table ) -- returns string.


      This would help me build my line of XMP-based plugins, and would also be valuable for other purposes.