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    Premiere Pro CS4 Opening Project Issue


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to open a Premiere Pro project that I exported from an After Effects project.  Trouble is when I open it I get this long, what I'm assuming is an error, message:


      C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Filename (from AE).prproj

      Audio Filter missing:  Internal Volume Mono

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE Aud Stereo Mixer

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE Color Control

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE Glo2

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE HUE SATURATION

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE Point Control

      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE Slider Control

      Video Filter missing:  AE.CC Radial Fast Blur



      After I get this and click "Ok", sometimes it won't open the project and other times all the video is white.  When I disabled some of the adjustment layers the video appeared, but it was then uncorrected.


      Any idea how to fix this?  Thanks so much.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          How did you export?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, do you have AE on this machine?


            Good luck,



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              impfilms22 Level 1

              To export, I did: File > Export > Adobe Premiere Pro Project...


              And yes, I have After Effects on the same machine as Premire Pro.

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Even though a lot of effects appear in both Premiere Pro and After Effects--even with the same names--they're not entirely compatible. Only some effects, and very few at that, will make the trip from one application to another. The PPro help docs outline what you can expect to travel intact. You will likely need to remove all of the offending effects in AE before you attempt the project transfer, and then replace them in PPro with their analogs.


                The question is: why are you exporting an AE project to a PPro project? That feature has some use, but in most workflows, won't accomplish much. Are you intending to output your AE comp through PPro? If so, you might have Dynamic Link available (assuming you purchased the Production Premium suite or the Master Collection) which will allow you to import your AE comp as a clip into PPro. In that case, all the effects will actually remain because you're utilizing the AE effects engine through a "tunnel" of sorts. If you don't have the suite, but just PPro and AE independently, you'd probably be best served to render and export a file from AE that you can use in PPro. This effectively "cooks" the effects and modifications you made in AE; at that point, the exported movie file is just like any other. Of course, you lose some flexibility this way--whereas Dynamic Link keeps the effects "live", rendering and exporting from AE makes a flattened file that you'd need to re-render if you want to make additional changes.


                Hope that helps a bit... but post back with your intentions between AE and PPro and we might be able to offer some more insight.

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                  impfilms22 Level 1

                  Yeah, I've actually "cooked" my AE projects before the link was available but I guess I'll just have to go back to doing that.  Is "lossless" the best format for doing so with minimal compression/highest quality?

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                    Building on the topic ...

                    ... my project does not open, is because after several attempts it loads, it looks like? what do I solve this problem?



                    http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/5453/ppensures.pngThe project is in AVCHD, HD is in the name of E: (system Raid-0)

                    Super Micro X8DA6
                    2x Xeon X5550
                    12gb DDR3 1600MHz
                    EVGA GTX275 (nvidia 196.34)
                    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
                    Premiere CS4 v4.2.1

                    someone could help me