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    Move to Windows 7 causes video lag


      Was under the Vista banner until recently with these hardware specs:


      OS: Vista

      CPU: 2.83 Quad Core

      Video: ATi HD4850

      RAM: 8GB

      HD: 2x 1TB


      Using CS4's Premiere Pro worked just fine. Came to the forums here and saw that people weren't having too many issues with Premiere and Windows 7, so decided to upgrade after completion of my last project. Finished that up, installed Win 7, and now am experiencing what can only be described as video playback lag.


      In a dual monitor setup, if I made the playback window full screen, it begins to chop out. I'm working with AVCHD files, and understand that they're hard to work with, but in Vista, I experienced no real problems. The cores run at about 50% each during playback. Again, nothing strange. As I reduce the size of the playback window, the actual playback improves. If I reduce it to the size it originally is when docked, playback is fine.


      Nothing on my system has changed besides the OS. I've reinstalled the most up-to-date drivers for my card, and saw no improvement. Thoughts would certainly be helpful!