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    Dreamweaver CS4 does not create "Scripts Folder" or associated files


      I am working in DW CS4 and have been attempting to add a FLV file to an

      ASP page.  I go through the "Insert" - "Media" - "FLV" steps and embed the flv as prompted.


      The FLV shows in "live" view but not in  preview or in IE when uploaded.


      After much research, I've leared Dreamweaver should create a "Scripts" folder when embedding and place two files inside, and that there are a total of four files that have to be uploaded with the file in order for it to play.


      Dreamweaver CS4 doesn't create that "Scripts" folder and the two dependent files.  Is there a setting that is preventing this from occuring?


      I have the same software on a laptop and have attempted to embed a file on that machine.  It works and does create the files.  But when I copy the files over, it doesn't help.


      I'm going to add several FLV files to the site, and need to have more of a fix than copying from machine to machine.


      I have gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling the entire CS4 package on this machine, and have called Adobe technical support to no avail.  I found one website that indicated that I can disable Active Content converter settings in the Properties menu under Code Re-writing.  Those options aren't even available to me in that menu.


      Has anyone else had this problem?