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    CF8 Image Functions with UNC Resources

    CutterBl Level 1
      Recently we migrated our hosted application to a new data center. During the migration we also upgraded all (11) of our servers to CF 8.0.1. After the migration, we also updated our code to utilize the new image functions built-in to ColdFusion 8.

      We began to see very odd (on/off) behavior when accessing resources. For weeks we operated under the assumption there was a flaw in our system or network architecture. After exhausting a ton of time and effort, to no avail, one of our developers uncovered an obscure forum posting this morning:


      In the second to last comment of the page, an Adobe employee from India stated the following:

      "We have logged a bug 71866 for read/write image to a remote machine....
      Kunal Saini
      Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd."

      I can not find a public bug base on the Adobe site (though one is in the works, according to the CFUnited keynote), nor can I find any status. This is a pretty big issue for this client. Anyone else seeing issues of this kind? Does anyone know the status of this ticket?