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    Alternatives to PRE8?


      Although I love the features in PRE8, I just can't get it to stay up and not crash for 5 minutes or more. This is no way to get any work done.


      I am seriously considering asking for a refund.  Before I do so, can anyone recommend an alternative:


      1. Must be able to import from DVD.

      2. Prefer HD capable.


      I have tried WIndows Live Movie Maker, but although it claims to support import from DVD, I have found that it has problems.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're actually asking for two very different things, John.


          DVD footage is upper field first standard definition footage in an MPEG/VOB format. There is software that's ideal for editing this type of footage.


          But high-def video is a completely different animal -- particularly if you're talking about AVCHD rather than tape-based HDV video.


          I doubt you're going to find a program that works perfectly with both formats. At least not on a PC. (Final Cut would do the job.)


          Corel Video Studio claims to be able to do it, but I can't vouch for it.



          Sony Vegas MovieStudio might also be worth checking out.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As of PrPro CS4.2, you can use both in the same Project, by doing different Sequences with different Presets. Now, with the DVD Import, they will have to be 100% DVD-compatible. This means that most DVRs', and many authoring programs' DVD's will NOT work, as they are not 100% DVD-compliant. Anything from PrE, or Encore will work. Use many other devices, or programs, and all bets are off.


            Good luck,



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              nealeh Level 5

              I see Magix have released a new version of Movie Edit Pro that says it copes with both.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Besides the Adobe programs, I also have MovieEdit Pro and PowerDirector. Both are older versions, but then I use either infrequently. For any DVD-Videos, I just do a Capture via my A-D bridge into a DV-AVI Type II, so I do not really care about Importing the VOB's. Both of those programs seem to do a pretty good job, though I would not be willing to trade my PrPro for a stack of the latest versions.


                Thanks for posting the enhancements to MovieEdit Pro. I got my copy to work with Magix video files from their Audio programs, and their Functional Content discs. That is about the only thing that I have really done with it - convert their proprietary video format to DV-AVI for actual editing elsewhere.


                The Sony Vegas programs get very high marks, but I do not know of their capabilities, or limitations. Do not believe that I have ever seen any version of Vegas open.



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                  I agree Jon


                  I cant even view a movie clip on the time line in real time to be able to decide what I actually edit from it.


                  I am having trouble trying to get an answer to this through out this whole blog!


                  i am seriously thinking of buying a mac to do it in iMovie and iDVD, just to do the family movies, I know the mac route works as I used to have one, it is far less time trying and waiting for the program to work. At least at the end of it you can actually make a much more polished movie.


                  I will keep you informed if I actually get to make something with Premier 8


                  I would love to proven wrong, but at this stage am thinking I am going to have to buy a mac!!!!

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Is someone trying to talk you out of it, blod?


                    A Mac could be a great tool for what you're trying to do.

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                      blod1970 Level 1

                      no one is trying to talk me out of  buying a mac, its just I used to have mac's and know they do the job fine. Its just I have a pc platform now and 'thought' I could buy something that does the same job.


                      apparently not


                      Can you help before I either go and upgrade to 63 bit with more ram or just go and buy a mac

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        If you have not purchased the Mac yet, and want to troubleshoot your issues, take a look at this ARTICLE, and then I'd suggest that you initiate a new post, so that others will be much more likely to see it, and can offer suggestions on how to get PrE up and running on your computer. Please furnish as much detail, as you can. The more you can provide, the easier it will be to diagnose what might be wrong. That article will give you tips on what would be important, and even show you how to gather some of the info.


                        Good luck,



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                          blod1970 Level 1

                          been ther and gone through the whole thing, even had a Systems friend come and have a look, there is nothing wrong with the PC,

                          I am a graphic designer who regularly works on Photoshop files in excess of 1GB, the computer performs fine

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            Blod, this isn't a contest. There's no point in challenging Bill and me to fix your problems. We're your friends, not your enemies -- or your IT department.


                            With a good tune-up and the right video source, virtually any decently-powered computer can run Premiere Elements.


                            But if you need an immediate solution that you know will work, I encourage you to check out a Mac. Especially since you're familiar with the platform, I think you'll find it much more satisfying.

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                              blod1970 Level 1

                              hey guys, I am not challenging you or Bill, just simply trying to get a solution

                              in case I dont have to go and spend AUS$1500 on a Mac when I can get Premiere working for AU



                              I hear what you say about any computer, its just I have one that probably is more powerful than the average home user, yet I cant get it to work.


                              I would love for it to work as I think it is a very good solution to iMovie and iDVD....which is why I bought it


                              I dont need an immediate solution but do want to edit the backlog of home movies of my sons footy and birthdays, holidays etc, partly my fault I havent looked at this earlier....you know how it is!

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Yes, I found your post HERE. Because it started with "can't burn to DVD," I did not recognize it - sorry.


                                I have posted a few questions on your I/O sub-system in that thread. That is a good starting point to troubleshoot the issues.


                                Good luck,



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                  I am a graphic designer who regularly works on Photoshop files in excess of 1GB, the computer performs fine


                                  I too am a graphic designer, and advertising photographer, and often work with triple-truck, multi-Layer PS files.some up to 10GB in size. I understand using PS, but must add that doing still image editing is removed from even doing simple video editing. The minimum requirements for a computer to do even heavy-duty PS work is way down from a video editor. With stills, one just Opens the image, and it goes into RAM, and into the PS Scratch Disks. Until you do a Save/Save_As, the system is not accessed much, with the exception of the CPU for Filters, and the access to the TMP file in the Scratch Disks. With video, you have constant read cycles, where the throughput must be able to keep up with the program and provide the media data quickly enough. This is where the I/O sub-system (the HDD's and every aspect of them) become so very important. In that other thread, I make several recommendations.


                                  Were I instructing one on building a PS-only workstation, the I/O, while important, would be down behind the CPU and the RAM. I would also probably not recommend as many physical HDD's, as they would provide less "bang for the buck." Add just simple video, say with PS-Extended, or with PrE/PrPro, and you will see my I/O recs. climb and climb quickly.


                                  What many do not take into consideration is the differences in the Adobe programs. Let's take the CS2 Production Suite lineup, as an example.


                                  PS - deals with still images, and uses the CPU, RAM and then the I/O for the Scratch Disks (overflow from RAM and different than the Scratch Disks in PrE/PrPro).


                                  Illustrator - deals with vector images (math, rather than pixels), and uses the RAM, the CPU and way down the list, the I/O. Include raster images, and the I/O becomes more important.


                                  InDesign - deals with mixed media (all still), such as vector, raster and then vector type, and uses RAM, CPU and the I/O a bit more than AI, since it is also dealing with raster images.


                                  AfterEffects - deals with all sorts of media, but uses RAM in a slightly different way, than will most of the other programs, RAM is most important and is used in extreme conditions, with CPU and I/O behind


                                  PrPro - deals with AV Assets, and throughput from the I/O is normally most important, with CPU and RAM down the list. The exception is AVCHD material, and some similar, highly compressed CODEC's, which require extreme CPU power to handle.


                                  Audition - deals with Audio files, and I/O is most important, with CPU and RAM down the list. Like PrPro, the throughput of the I/O is highly important.


                                  Were I building a computer for that suite, I would use PrPro as my baseline, as a stout NLE (Non Linear Editing) computer will handle all the other programs equally well. Such a computer would look like this: fast CPU w/ at least 4 Cores; all the RAM that the MoBo could take, and at least a 3x SATA II HDD I/O, at least 7200 RPM. The system HDD can be smaller, and will benefit from being 10K RPM. The other 2 HDD's will be as large, as I could get, but will be a minimum of 7200 RPM.


                                  As you can see, PS is not that taxing on a computer, compared to doing video editing, or using Audition for Audio, or AfterEffects.


                                  In your case, we're talking about a computer for video editing. Everything else will fall into place.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                                    I hear what you say about any computer, its just I have one that probably is more powerful than the average home user, yet I cant get it to work.

                                    Starting with that good computer, there are still many things that can be done to enhance it and the editing experience.


                                    I use the tips in this ARTICLE (plus Steve's great "tune-up/optimization" tips in the FAQ's) for an editing session. When I have setup to do editing, I don't do other things on that machine (beyond maybe having PS, Encore, AI and a word processor open for materials that I will need in my video editing. No e-mails, no Internet, no iTunes - nothing else. If I have say the workstation tied up editing, and need the Internet, I jump on the laptop. I have my anti-virus, my spysweeper and my pop-up blockers turned OFF. I do not use Windows Indexing, or any "watcher, indexing, or monitoring" programs.


                                    Note: if you have Win7, be sure to look down the article for the link to Black Viper's Win7 tune-up tips. I could never have done those better.


                                    Good luck,