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    Nav bar in CSS

      I'm a basic user, so this may be a simple answer.

      I created a site some time ago that had a small navigation bar at the top and the left. I created new pages by simply removing content in the body, adding the new content and saving it as a new page. Well, the sight has grown, and I want to add some new options on the nav bars, but don't want to go to every page and make the changes. Instead, I would like to put the nav bars inside the CSS and just make one change. How can I get this started? I do have a CSS already set up now that applies to the fonts and styles. Obviously, I'll have to take out the div tags for the nav bars on each page, but then what? Thanks in advance.

      Here is the page: Link
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          Nick Barling Level 1
          You could use an 'include' file to render the navigation in each page. This is simple to achieve and be done use PHP (check that php is supported by your hosting provider).


          You could build a 'template' page in Dreamweaver, which includes all of the 'fixed' page content, such as banner, footer, navigation and then add editable regions for your page content.

          There are plenty of tutorials on both of these techniques. If you have difficulty finding/understanding exactly what you need then come back to this forum and ask for further guidance.

          Here is a simple php include tutorial which will work on your site:


          There are tips and further links to examples at the bottom of the article.

          Here is a link to one of a series of Dreamweaver template tutorials for navigation bars:


          Good luck
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            Level 7
            You can also use .asp sites and in some cases you can use .shtml to force
            the includes to load.
            But Server Side Includes (SSI) would be the way to go here.