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    ftp & passive mode


      I'm trying to use the built-in ftp programme in Premier Pro CS4 but my web server people say that "Passive mode" must be enabled.  I cannot find this little feature on the ftp setup page or any of the Preference pages.  I have looked in Elements 8 as well and the option is not there either.

      Can anyone suggest a way to setup Passive mode?

      I'm using a third party software at the moment and I want to take that step out of my process.  Big files, long upload time, long coding time, long story!!

      Many thanks,


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          I don't have CS4 so I really can't help explicitly...but have an idea at least...


          If your FTP program built into CS4 has an INI file ( .ini extension ) , which it reads for your settings...you might be able to set it there....


          ini files are text files that can be edited in notepad....if you know what I'm talking about look for something like passive mode = 0 


          0 is off, 1 is on.


          If you don't know what I'm talking about don't even try it....you could screw up the ini file totally ...


          Good luck



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            I like your thinking.

            I have looked in the Premier Pro CS4, Encore CS4, Windows NT & Windows folders & sub folders but I cannot see a .ini file that looks like an Adobe ..... related file.  I will keep looking though.

            In the meantime I looked in the WS_FTP.INI file and true enough the PASVMODE=1 line is there.  I have learnt something today!

            Many thanks,


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              Hope you solve problem soon...good luck...

              The adobe stuff seems to be mostly xml driven, which is a text - like

              scripting language and maybe instead of ini they would have an xml file

              doing basically the same thing?


              Sorry I'm not being more helpful...Rod

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                Hiya...finally looked on my hard drive for CS3 files...having to do with the kind of setting you're looking for...


                My xml files that are like ini files ( sorta ) are here:


                C:\Documents and Settings\rod\My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\3.0\Layouts


                Maybe yours are in similar area.  xml can be edited in notepad too...



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                  Thanks for that pointer, I had a look but could not see a ftp reference.

                  I went to c:\program files\Adobe\Adobe Device Central\Required\Tasks\SendToTFP and found FTPupload.xtml and I cannot see any mention of Passive Mode in the script!

                  Maybe this is not the correct FTP for Pro CS4 but it is indicative that some Adobe FTP scripts may have omitted the essential words.

                  As I don't know anything about writing xtml I can only hope that someone from Adobe will read this post and step up and sort the problem.

                  On this basis the "product is not fit for purpose" and if it were a motor car there would be a product recall.

                  Why are software suppliers not bound by the same rules?