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    Weird printing issue between reader 7 and 9


      Hi, I just was made aware of an issue by one of my users, regarding printing a PDF file.  I recently replaced his computer, both the old one and the new one are XP Pro SP3, the old one has reader 7, the new one has 9.  The file in question is laid out legal (8.5x14) landscape and I believe it was created in Acrobat 4.x.  It's a production schedule, roughly 10 pages.  The left half side of each page has a list of items, and the right half has checkboxes for our manufacturing process.  The guy printing the file is in shipping, and he just needs the left half of the page and is trying to print it as letter portrait.  Under reader 7, we are clicking File, Print, set it to No scaling, uncheck Auto-Rotate and Center.  If you look in the preview window, you see the legal/landscape page, but there is a white letter/portrait box over the left side of the page, and the right side is grayed out.  Click OK, and that's what it prints.  This is good.


      Now, in reader 9, if we do all the same things and print the file, what prints is the right half of the page, which is grayed out in the preview.  This is happening on his new computer (xp pro sp3, reader 9) as well as on my box (win7 ult, reader 9) and happens on multiple printers.  Only thing I see different is the reader version.  Has anyone else ran into this?


      Thanks in advance,

      Duane Pittman