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    SWF movie - initial ugly black frame, plus no loop?

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      Mac 10.4.11 Golive CS - Flash CS4


      I have fotonette.swf (flv.movie) inserted into a Golive home page (see test http://www.artdesign.org.uk/fotonette/pages/fotonette_swftest.html ) and the initial show is a momentary black (sometimes white as well) area matching the movie size.


      I would like the movie to show the first image (frame) rather than the black area. Also it does not loop even though it is set to do so in the Inspector palette, which means I am left with a black area where the fotonette.swf should be looping or if not finishing and staying on the last frame would be good.


      In case its relevant - how I made movie/slideshow.


      1 - Original made in FotoMagico.

      2 - Saved as an fotonette.mov

      3 - Dropped into Adobe Media Encoder and saved as a medium fotonette.flv

      3 - Opened in Flash and change stage colour to grey 4D4E58 to match Golive page background colour

      4 - Exported from Flash as a fotonette.swf (wrapper)

      5 - fotonette.flv and fotonette.swf sits in folder on the GoLive site



      I have also listed this under Golive and Open SWF (and with the German FotoMagico guys) because I just do not know where the problem lies.

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          salochin48 Level 1

          After much faffing about I managed to find a solution in Adobe Media Encoder settings button has editing sliders. A bit tricky if you have a sound track, but allowing for it in the original build file (FotoMagico in my case) is how I did it. With a clean cache I still get a momentary white image area when the page is first loading, (something I may post again) but no black start and end frames.