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    SalesForce Question: Flex/VisualForce Mashups




      We are trying to create a custom tab within Salesforce and were trying to find ways to manage some larger data sets.  We'd like everything to be able to run within the SalesForce.com, so the option of using an Adobe Flex Mash Up seemed ideal.


      Just a basic question:  Does the creation of a VisualForce/Flex Page that runs within the SalesForce.com environment have the same governor limits as regular APex code and classes?  Or would it be considered a separate web service with limitations similar to an external Flex app even though it's running in the SFDC environment?  Wasn't sure. 


      Are there any other potential governor limits in particular we should be on the lookout for?  (Limits on Number of Calls, Inserts, Updates, Deletes, etc.)