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    How do you make Adobe Reader 9.3 truly Distributable?


      I have a set of electronic minutes in PDF format with hyperlinks between files, bookmarks and other nice navigational features.  I need to distribute these minutes on CD to my customer with a distributable version of Adobe Reader 9.3 so that they can view the files.  We use an autorun file that runs Reader off the CD and opens the main file.  I have downloaded Adobe Reader 9.3 from the "Distributable Version" (for CDs) link provided by Adobe when I requested a license to distribute Adobe Reader on my CDs.  My customer is not connected to the internet and has to jump through all sorts of hoops to install Adobe Reader on their PCs.


      My problem is that our PDF files on the CD do not navigate correctly between the different files we have while running the Adobe Reader installed on the CD.  If we run the files in Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0 installed directly on the PC, they work beautifully.  If we run the files using Adobe Reader 9.2 or 9.3 installed directly on the PC, they work beautifully.  We have found that the Reader running off the CD will not correctly navigate these same files, unless Reader 9.2 or higher is actually installed on the PC running the CD.  This is a problem!  I'm guessing there are files installed elsewhere that are not contained on the CD version and thus the CD version of the Reader does not run correctly.


      Is there a way to force ALL the files required by Adobe Reader 9.3 to install into the same folder so that ALL the files can then be loaded onto a CD for distribution with our PDF files? 


      Please note:  We have been providing CDs with Adobe Acrobat on them to run our Minutes automatically for several years now.  So this used to work very well.  The newest distributable version of Adobe Reader is not Behaving like the older versions and appears to require some number of files not contained on the CD.