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    units & increments

    Chrsitian Level 1

      I am running InDesign CS4 on Vista.  When I try to change from pica to inches in 'units & increments'  and click ok, the change does not actually take effect, and the units remain in pica.


      Also, when I click  'Help' it tells me help is not installed - this is on my laptop.  On my desktop it works ok and takes my to the online help site.


      I have reinstalled InDesign but it is not solving the problem.  Any hints, thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Changing the units preference with a doc open would affect only the current doc, and with nothing open only new docs, not anything already existing. If you are seeing something differnt from this behavior, trash the prefs: Replace Your Preferences


          I don't have a good suggestion for restoring help files in CS4. If you are online, you should be seeing the online Community Help, not a local copy. If you need the local copy, the only thing I can suggest is uninstall, run the CS4 Clean Script (Run the CS4 Clean Script), the reinstall.

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            Chrsitian Level 1

            Thanks Peter,


            I will try and see what I can do - the interesting thing on the help file is that I can get it in a bunch of languages, but not English.


            The Clean Script looks a little scary.




            Many thanks!

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              Andrew Sipe Level 1

              Hi Peter,


              Is there away to override previous preferences in a previous jobs started by someone else without having to open and set the preferences everytime you open a job.


              I'd like the 1pt size/leading instead of 2, but every job I open (previously constructed elsewhere) has 2pts as the default.


              I'm only doing minor edits/production work, so it's not worth the extra time to open the preferences and save the 1pt for every job I touch. But being able to have it forced on these existing jobs would save me time in the long run. Is there a work around?




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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I suspect someone here can write a simple script to set the preference so you need only open the doc and double-click the script (or even attach the script to a file > open command so you don't have to do a thing), but I'm not that someone.

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                  gloie Level 1

                  Sorry I can't help, but I can share in your misery!  I'm in InDesign CS5 on the MacOsX, and I can't seem to change the from picas to inches in Preferences.   have been using this program for years now so I know how to do this!  All of a sudden this problem crops up out of nowhere!  Even though I make that change, with no other InDesign pages open, when I open a new page it is in picas.  I've tried shutting down and restarting, and also right-clicking on the rulers in the document which I read in this discussion  changes the unit of measurement, but it only gives me guide lines - plus i don't really like this solution because it really doesn't solve the problem. 


                  Also another strange occurrence in same program - when i highlight text on a page and want to change the point size, the arrows at the top where you can change the point size one increment at a time no longer work.  I actually have to type in a point size to make a change, although the arrows for leading still do work!

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Sounds like you might benefit from trashing your preferences.





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                      Cody Alberts Level 1

                      Hello Andrew, did you ever find a solution for overriding current increments on documents already created. I too share your pain in 2pt increments on previously created documents.

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                        Andrew Sipe Level 1

                        I have not. It was production work and while it would've saved me a few minutes of my life, it wasn't worth wasting a lot of extra time finding a way of working around it.


                        The script approach might be the only solution. (Think actions/batch editing)


                        Good luck.




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