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    Unauthorized link to Windows Glossary

    steve.norris Level 1

      I have a RH7 HTML help project. The TOC of which consists of links to html files in the parent project and to Merged Projects.

      It has a TOC and Index but no Glossary. There was a Link to a Merged Project which was a standalone Glossary.chm

      The Glossary link was removed, the Glossary.chm deleted and there is no baggage file.


      The problem is, if I now carry out a search for Glossary, it still displays a link. However, selecting the link displays a script error message and the target is to the Windows Glossary (not at my request) and the result is not pretty!!.


      Question: Does anyone know how do I delete this reference correctly?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Steve.


          If you were using merged CHMs, the chances are that your project's .HHP file has a [MERGED FILES] section near the bottom which still has a reference to the glossary project's CHM. Take a backup of this file, open it up in Notepad and remove the relevant line. It may also be worth renaming the projects .CPD file before reopening the project.



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            steve.norris Level 1

            Hi Colum,


            Many thanks for the advice, it worked.

            As you suspected, there was still an old entry named 'Glossary.chm' Editing the HHP file by removing this cobweb fixed the problem. It no longer picks up a Glossary link. I still do not understand why it searched outside of the RH environment and linked to the Windows Glossary but I can survive in ignorance if I have to.

            Thanks again.