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    cannot access my video camera thru PE8


      Currently, I am using the Premiere Elements 8 trial version to determine if this is a program worth investing in.  At first, I was able to upload a couple of minutes of video into the program to play around with the features, but am no longer able to access how to upload a one hour video (or even a few minutes worth of video for that matter).  When I research how to upload videos, all I find is "Click on "organize" then "get media" and click on "camcorder" (which is how I did it the first time).  Now, there is no "get media" icon for me to select once I click on "organize" in the PE8 program.  I have a brand new computer, an HP AMD Phenom 8GB Quad-Core.  I was told that this PE8 is the program to get, but I've had nothing but difficulty.  In reviewing the message boards, I see I am not alone in having difficulty.  I would appreciate any help anyone can offer me.  I'm seriously considering NOT buying it once my trial ends as I have not been successful at resovling this issue through Adobe Live Chat.  This is my last chance.

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          Maybe I missed it, but what make/model of camera do you have? Are you connecting via FireWire? If so, does the OS see the camera, when connected and turned on - do you get the "bing-bong?"


          If you ARE using FW, what is the exact order that you are doing things, i.e. do you plug the camera in, turn it on in Play mode, and then launch PrE 8, going to Get Media, or another sequence? Some cameras are very picky about the order, that the user implements. That order can be critical.


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          PS - regarding file sizes and Durations of AV material, are your HDD's formatted as NTFS, or FAT-32? Also, do you have any other peripherals connected to that FW controller? You should not.