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    Rendering artifact problem on scroll


      Hi forum


      I have built a forum manager and all is well and good, except there seems to be a problem with artifacts when scrolling the form.  Screenies below:


      This is what it looks like before any rendering problems



      Here you can see its rendered incorrectly when i've scrolled around.


      Does anyone know what the problem is?  Its worse on some browsers and on older machines.  Is there a way to stop this or reduce the risk of it happening?


      Thanks alot



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          I have been struggling with this problem a lot as well.  Exactly the same.  And I can't find toot anywhere about it.


          I have found that setting your wmode to "window" fixes the problem for me. I see no rendering artifacts at least.  However that isn't an option for me in my current situation since there are other elements on the page that must be renderered on top of the player.


          If you have figured anything else out then I would be very very interested in knowing how you got it fixed!