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    Can't get more than 10 second clip out of Capture - PP 4.2.1 Mac

    marktrav Level 1

      OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard.

      Applied 4.2.1 patch to PremierPro CS4 (part of Master Collection)


      I am trying to capture some webcam video using the Macbook's iSight camera and an M-Audio Pre Pro USB microphone preamp. I have no problems with this configuration using iMovie.


      If I choose "Capture.." and set the video and audio settings appropriately, with QuickTime as the capture format (HDV does not work with iSight), I only get 9 to 12 seconds worth of capture before it simply stops capturing. The capture itself is of high quality and I have perfect video and audio. But for some reason, it just stops capturing at random somewhere between 9 and 12 seconds.


      Device Control is set to "none". All of the other settings are standard, out of the box settings.


      Any ideas?