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    Flatten a form without reader extensions??




      I have run into a problem that I hope someone out there can help me with.


      In LiveCycle 7.1, we could, in a web browser and using Adobe Reader, bring up a PDF form, fill it in, and then using a Java servlet, flatten the form so that it was no longer interactive.


      Now we have upgraded to LiveCycle 8.2, and after writing a new servlet, I can get it to work correctly, BUT ONLY on my PC, which has Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.


      Other users, with just Adobe Reader can bring up the form, but when the click on the flatten button, absolutely nothing happens.


      So, my question is - has Adobe changed things so that a form cannot be flattened by calling a servlet from Reader?


      If they have, then I need to let my management know so they can see what they want to do about that. But if you can still flatten a form from Reader, then I have a problem in my servlet or my form.



      Bob Mathis