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    CS3 to Flash


      Once I export my video from cs3 into a flash file an then open it up in articulate i'm getting black bars on the sides of my video.  Any help would be appreciated an thank you!!!

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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          There are a couple of possibilities:


          1) You exported a 4:3 project out of Premiere and the Articulate stage is wider (e.g. 16:9)


          2) You exported the right size project, but your PAR (Pixel aspect ratio) is wrong


          To try to narrow it down, have a look at your flash file in Articulate: is it "squished" (thinner than it should be), or normal?


          If it's squished, sounds like the PAR coming out of Premiere is wrong. If it's normal, sounds like your project setting in Premiere is wrong, or has footage that doesn't match your Articulate stage.