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    Can't get "wrong, try again" to display on multiple choice questions


      Hi.  I'm new to Adobe Presenter 7.  I'm trying to make up a serious of stand-alone multiple choice quizes.


      I've got to the point where I can make up several questions, and if you pick the correct answer, it displays

      "Correct", and when next you click on the slide, it goes onto the next question.


      However, I cannot seem to get it to display "Try Again" when the wrong answer is chosen.


      In the "Default Labels" tab I've checked "Incorrect" message and left the default text of "Try again".


      On the actual question(s) then selves, I go to EDIT, OPTIONS tab, and under "If wrong answer",

      I've chosen "allow user 5 attempts", Action - GO TO SLIDE, and then I identify the same slide the multiple

      choice question is on so that it stays there and will let the user select a different answer, and I've checked

      every variation of combination of "Show error message", "Show retry message" and "Show incomplete message".

      I've tried the "show..." messages by themselves and in combinations, but nothing comes up when

      I save the powerpoint and publish a PDF.


      Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.