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    View links TO a page

    TomGroupGA Level 1

      How do I see what pages link TO one of my other pages?  I need to know which of my pages link to sample.htm

      When I begin to delete sample.htm, a pop tells shows me a few links and says that 100 other pages link to sample.htm.   I want to see a list of ALL those 100 pages.

      "Check Links" only looks for broken links.  None of my links are broken.  I just want to know all the pages that link to the page in question. 


      (I am using cs4, so the site map is not an option...why would Adobe remove its greatest feature (site map) from cs3 but not provide it in cs4 is a mystery to me.)


      Anyway, I would greatly appreciate some help.  I have a feeling i am overlooking something obvious.