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    A workable workflow for Canon still camera video


      Well, amidst all the troubles, I would like to share a success.  I am using PrE8 and yes, I had my share of crashes on startup, which are documented elsewhere.  One of the issues was that I found out that PrE is optimized for DV-AVI video but I had about a hundred short video clips shot with my Canon still camera.  Being the lazy soul that I am, I did not want to convert each and every clip BEFORE I started editing in PrE8 since I knew I would throw many of them out or cut them up, etc.  I found this works:


      Like rich foods, PrE8 was able to take up to about a dozen of my still camera clips with no problem, but when I threw too many at it, it choked.  My particular project is made of 2-3 minute long Scenes, with each Scene made up of 5 to 10 of these short still camera video clips.  So here is my method:


      Create Project for Scene

      Import still camera clips and edit the Scene

      Share Scene to PC as AVI (which is exported as DV-AVI, PrE8's preferred format)

      Repeat for next Scene

      Store DV-AVIs in Folder of "master" Scenes which I will ulitmately edit further in the final long movie Project, all of which will be in DV-AVI.


      I am finding this works without problems.  Of course, I am lucky enough to have PrE8 be able to read small numbers of my still camera video, and within the scenes I am mainly only doing simple trimming and adding some sound.  But it is worth a try if you have a lot of non-DV-AVI clips and can edit them into modular scenes.  It saved me a lot of upfront time and will get me to the same endpoint.