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    Why semi-transparent ?

    GESYMSB Level 1

      I found the answer my self testing, but I do not know where I put or save the

      info, so please folks, re-fresh my memory..........

      When I do the keying trick, with the blue or green screen.

      The object/subject in the front is not complete solid, you can

      see the background a little bit.


      How I fix this ?



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          shooternz Level 6

          You need to work harder to  pull a better key off the b.g.


          Simple as that and hopefully your BG is lit and photographed in such a way that you can achieve a decent key.

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            GESYMSB Level 1

            Thank you for telling me nothing, but
            the solution have to do with "Opacity"


            I just do not remember how I did it
            but I had done it before, so everything
            you said have nothing to do.


            Thanks anyway.

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              shooternz Level 6

              The solution is nothing to do with the Opacity Effect.


              It is everything to do with getting an OPAQUE Key.


              You have not completed the key to a level that achieves this and therefore you have your bg showing thru the fg (subject) ...or what you call "semi-transparent".  Basically thats a useless key


              The solution remains as "pull a better key from the clip". 


              Sometimes you need to apply two or three key fx to the same clip or even overlay the clip and key each of them.


              Use Keylight in AEFX if you need to get a seriously good key.   Keying in PPRO is a bit limiting and I only use it for a quick and dirty test.

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                Matt Petersen Level 3

                If you're looking for a "turn the knob this way" answer, let us know which key effect you've used, as the setting differ from effect to effect. For instance, in Chroma Key, you might have gone too far with your colour tolerance, and in Color Key your Cutoff might be awry.



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                  GESYMSB Level 1

                  Thanks folks, I am mad because I did this but I do not know where i put

                  that note !


                  Here is a picture I created with Photoshop to ilustrate what's happens

                  on my Premiere Pro CS3.


                  Noticed the arrows pointing to lines / spots that you can

                  see on my body / face from the background.


                  You can see very clear the background trough the side of my face.

                  The reason I said opacity, is because I think, some where
                  i adjusted that, and then the front become more solid.


                  I using the Chroma Key.

                  Sometimes I use the Color Key to see if I get a better result

                  but about the same..........


                  Thanks again folks.........






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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Do you have a screen shot of the "body" before you applied the key?


                    Is it a still?  (If so... I suggest cutting it out in Photoshop)


                    Whatever your note says...the solution remains the same...pull a better key.


                    There is no magic bullet. Work the key controls and I have previously supplied some other tips.,


                    Do check that you do not have stary Opacity Key frames on the clip.  It does not appear so inyour scfreen grab becasue that would affect the entire image of the body.  Not just the local areas.