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    Trouble with Site Definition


      I am trying to teach web design to a class of high school students. Some students have a problem when the are trying to create a new site through the basic tab ( selecting: not using server technology, editing local copies on my machine) when they reach the point where they are asked "where on your computer do you want to store your files?". Instead of allowing some students to save to a folder in a drive (e.g. E:/Website), the dialog box will only allow them to save to the drive (i.e. E:). This means that all of their files are just saved loose in the drive making it very messy to work with their website. Can anybody help? Thanks, Kim 

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          That sounds like an IT issue more than a DW issue.  I would talk to your IT department and seeing if the students can have a folder where they can save files to on the network.  Otherwise, if only you have permission to make the folders but they can save, create folders for them and tell them where to save.  Otherwise it will be a mess.

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            kImEmAc Level 1

            Thanks for replying...the students can make folders but Dreamweaver will not allow them to select that folder when they go through the site definition process. Could there be another issue?

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              What operating system are these computers?  There is a known bug on the Windows side (I believe only Vista/7 are affected from what I recall reading) with selecting folders.  It requires that the path be manually entered, if not I believe the path has to be selected one level below where the site actually is (ie: if you have an images folder in your site, select that and the path will be corrected upon completion).  That's the only other thing that comes to mind.  I have not heard of any such occurrence on the Mac side though.