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    Reaser 8.2 .msi missing, cant uninstall




      I recently rolled pc back to a restore point then forward again, since then, reader hasn't worked correctly. (XP SP3)


      My PDF files aren't associated correctly, windows acts as if it doesn't have a program for them. none of my browsers will open pdf's but if I launch reader to open one from the open file menu it works OK.


      In the program files/adobe/ directory there are "reader 8" and "reader 8(2)" folders.


      if I try to repair or uninstall from either reader or in the add/remove software windows app, it looks for AdbeRdr820_en_US.msi, which I have not been able to find with a PC search.


      I HAVE been able to install reader 9, althogh this did also look for the same file, it continued OK when I pressed cancel, now all seems to be working fine, but still have reader 8.2 on PC as well with the bits of files and reg keys etc.


      Is there some kind of cleanup uninstaller app that doesnt require the msi??