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    Help me understand Security.allowDomain()

    jsd99 Level 3

      I have so far failed 100% in my attempts to get Security.allowDomain() to let my app access and be accessed by other domains.


      Do you need to specify http:// in the allowDomain argument?  I've seen it both ways.


      My SWF is delivered from http://cloudfront.domain.com/ but the page that is embedding it lives on http://apps.facebook.com/.  How do I let javascript code from apps.facebook.com access ExternalInterface callbacks in the swf?  I tried Security.allowDomain("apps.facebook.com") but it doesn't work.  I get a security error when trying to run ExternalInterface.addCallback()


      The SWF will also try to load XML data from an HTTP endpoint.  Say that's hosted on http://myclient.otherdomain.com/.  How do I set it up so HTTPService can access those URLs?  I tried Security.allowDomain("myclient.otherdomain.com") but I get security errors when the send() is called.