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    AdvancedDataGrid + itemRenderer = slooooow

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      Hey everybody,


      I'm on a neverending quest to speed up my DataGrids and AdvancedDataGrids. I've stolen an idea from Flex 4 - the "moving window" idea of pagination that loads data in sets of 25 records at a time when ever the scroll bar changes.


      Enter the summary table. I can't really use the moving window trick. It's a medium sized table (around 500 rows) with a number of summary functions. It works well enough until I use an itemRenderer.


      The client wants to hyperlink certain cells. I've got it working, but it dramatically slows down the ADG, which isn't blazing fast to begin with. Any ideas how I can hyperlink w/out the performance hit?


      The renderer uses a <mx:Canvas> and <mx:Text>