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    Open Browser Window Text Link??

    Pain in the neck

      Two questions:

      1) Can I make a text link use the open browser window function, if so how? Here is the attempt that has failed:

      <div class="style11" id="apDiv47" onfocus="MM_openBrWindow('BWPages/BW1002.html','','width=325,height=546')">#1002</div>


      2) How to properly code the open browser window function, so that when I use an image as the link the cursor becomes a hand instead of an arrow? Here is what I have:

      <img src="images/cards/Icons/card1002.jpg" alt="Motif_2" width="135" height="193" border="0" onclick="MM_openBrWindow('BWPages/BW1002.html','','width=325,height=546')" />


      Thanks much!