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    Video clip file size




      I want to start by saying that I am brand new to the Premiere Pro CS4 program and I am working on my very first project.  I am making a documentary/movie about my grandfather.


      I have a 2 hour video interview that I converted to an .avi file and want to use just parts of it.  If I add the video into my "assets" and just use assorted clips or segments of that video here and there, does EACH one of those clips make up the completed file size or am I essentially inserting the WHOLE two hours EACH time I put in a 10-second clip of him.


      It's because I am brand new to this that I am struggling with "completed file sizes" vs what's in my assets folder.


      Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Short answer, no.


          Only references to the original clip are stored for each instance of the clip and that is negligible.

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            chubby1944 Level 1

            Thank you very much for that super fast response.

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              shooternz Level 6

              What did you convert to avi from?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Because you are new to the program, I'll throw in a bit more, regarding what Harm said.


                PrPro is a non-destructive editing program. It only takes the data from your original AV file, and then does a database of things like where that file is stored on your system, and what you have done in the editing. Even though you are using the data from that file, the file itself, is NOT actually in PrPro. It resides where it was located, when you Imported it. Though PrPro has gathered a lot from it, the program still NEEDS that file, and would really like for it to stay exactly where it was, when you Imported. This means, that until you are 100% done with your Project, and have Exported the edited version to an AV file, please do not Move, Rename, or Delete that AV file. It will be necessary, until you are completely done. Now, if you Move it, or Rename it, PrPro will try to help you find it and re-link to it. If you Delete it, you are hosed. Do not Delete that file.


                Since we're talking about Assets, and also the Project file (PRPROJ), this ARTICLE might be useful to help understand what is in the PRPROJ file and also what Save, etc. does, and does not do.


                Here is a link to the PrPro-Wiki, where you will find many tutorials, and also FAQ's on how to do much in PrPro. I'd bookmark this site, and rely on it often.


                I hope that the Project goes well, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to post them here. You will get an answer and it will most likely be the best one, though it might not be quite so quick, as Harm was able to respond to this question.


                Good luck,




                BTW - welcome to the forum!

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                  chubby1944 Level 1

                  This is by far THE help forum I have ever seen.  Thank you for the fast and thorough responses.  My Grandfather, who served in WW2, will be proud.  Once again, thank you.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    When someone tells me that they have an issue within PrPro, whether it's an aesthetic, or technical issue, I send them here. Even if they have a paid subscription to T/S, they are likely to get better advice and faster service here. That is why I invited you to return at any time.


                    I've done several tributes, probably similar to what you will be doing, and many others here have done similar. Before you get too deeply into things, when you have the layout in your mind, ask for input - things like still image file sizes and formats (bet you have a few of those), as someone here can advise you, and prior to Import, is the time to address these things. Same for your narration, SFX, music, etc. While you are in the planning stages, that's when to ask, so you do not have to redo anything, and all works fine.


                    Good luck,




                    BTW - please tell your grandfather thank you, from the people who love freedom, and greatly appreciate the efforts of so very many from so many shores.

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                      chubby1944 Level 1

                      I certainly will thank him.  Thank you and thank you for the advice and heads up because I am pretty new to this.