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    Where is DataGrid.rollover documentation?

      Hi folks,

      I'm having a little trouble with the flex/as documentation. For example, my DataGrid has a "rollover" property, which I assume I would set to a function name. In the eclipse/flex ide, I highlight "rollover" and hit F1. Instead of getting help on the rollover property, I get the DataGrid help page. I can live with that, but I can't find the rollover property anywhere on the page (I un-hid all the various hidden stuff too). There's "rollOverEffect" and "rollOverColor" and such, but no rollover.

      Could someone please tell me how to look up properties and methods quickly and efficiently? And where to find documentation on "rollover" ? And this isn't the first property I've been unable to find, although I don't recall what the other ones were now.