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    Default swatch palette?

    comrav01 Level 1

      Upon opening a new document in RGB mode in Illustrator CS4, I'm greeted by the Default CMYK swatches palette. Where do I switch the settings to launch the Default RGB palette as the default swatches menu? Thanks!

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          When you create a new document you can choose a New Document Profile. If you then change the Document Color Mode the profile you selected will still be the basis for the new file, including all built in brushes, symbols, swatches, and Graphic Styles.

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            comrav01 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Scott. I must be missing something, though. I've set up my documents in RGB, etc. but I'm getting a small warning icon in the lower right of the New Document panel which reads, "The chosen color mode is different from the color space defined by the Startup Profile. Panel content may not match the new color mode."

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              comrav01 Level 1

              O.K.... I think I figured it out. It seems what I should do is choose Basic RGB from the dropdown menu in New Document window. When I make changes, such as Raster Effects or Size, the status becomes [Custom] but the Default RGB palette launches upon opening. I must have previously been modifying a Basic CMYK document to RGB color mode in the New Doc window thinking Custom was Custom was Custom You get the idea... Thanks for the help!

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