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    How Can I Encode a Video and Lose the Black Bars?


      I have a .wmv file.  According to the properties it is 720x480.  The video is rectangle, not square...  So I'm assuming it is technically widescreen.  I brought it into premiere cs4 to auto color it.  I'm exporting it with media encoder and this video has black bars.  Is there a way to get rid of them?  It seems when I play the file on my PC before doing anything in premiere, they are at the top and bottom.  Right now I am exporting it and in the little preview box they seem to be on the top, bottom and slightly wider ones on both sides.  Not sure how those got put in the mix.  Can I get rid of all black bars?  I'm guessing the camcorder puts them there at the top and bottom, so how would i know what the height and width of the video would be without them anyway?  I'm confused...


      The project settings were standard ntsc DV at 720x480 widescreen.