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    Motion Tracking always 'wonders off'


      I don't use after affects much as i do mostly website stuff. Sorry if this question may be simple/dumb, but i cant for the life of me figure it out ...


      I have a video that I do tracking on.... simple x/y tracking... My workflow is: I usually like to do it manually frame by frame and use the assistance of the motion tracker to help me move something.  i correct and move the tracker 'squares' sometimes as needed if the tracker is off, and then apply it to an image to move it. The funky thing is the whole motion tracking animation wonders off sometimes... I have this problem often and am not sure if i am setting the motion tracking correctly (like the 2 'boxes' that setup the inital tracking or the options). I think it is probably cause the center point of the tracking wonders off as i look back on it. But i thought it would/should always be centered in the middle of the inside box just as a reference. Didnt know it actually can move itself throughout the tracking ... I just want it to basically do simple tracking of the box to help me out without that point moving all over the place, and me having to maybe correct it for each frame....


      Here is an attached file if you want to take a look at what Im possibly doing wrong.

      Layer 63 is the layer i decided to track (blah sorry theres so much stuff) and i want to apply it to Layer 62, as you can see the animation wonders off. Not sure how to control the tracking.


      http://www.arianhojat.com/temp/louWeez8.aep (1.8MB)