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    Creating a Flex Theme from a Skin made in Flash

    Geordie Moffatt Level 1

      Hi all, here's what I'm trying to do in Flash Builder 4 Beta 2:


      I have the Flex Scope Skin used for creating UI for CS4 products from here:



      I have the Skin Design Extensions and Flex Component Kit from here:



      The instructions on the skin page say to add the skin files to each Flex project which bloats the number of files in each project.  What I'd like to do is compile the Scope Skin down to a SWC that can be referenced by projects OR create a Flex Theme.


      I've tried compiling an SWC out of Flash CS4, this kind of works but I can't find a way of embedding the fonts in the SWC that are recognised by Flex.  I've also tried crating a Theme SWC from Flex with no success.


      Is there a tutorial out there showing how to create a Flex theme with embedded fonts and swf resources as well as CSS?   I have found some tutorials but the are all basic.