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    Trouble with clips from DVDs

    nonlinear_ronin Level 1

      I'm editing a project for a friend... most of the project was shot on a Sony PD150 in 16:9.  At the end of the credits he wanted to put in a very short clip from a previous movie he made as a logo.  He gave me a DVD of the film.  One problem is that the clip itself is not true widescreen... the DVD is 4:3, letterboxed down to 16:9.  If it's a smaller box in the widescreen frame that's probably okay since it's just a logo (we can probably throw in the production company name in the black areas).


      The bigger problem is that when I tried to rip the DVD (using DVDx), the clip is not working properly in Premiere.  I can view the clip fine in a media player program but when imported into the project in Premiere, it's not playing properly.  Usually the image is stuck on one of the first few frames of the clip.  There are several options on DVDx that I'm not terribly familiar with, and I'm wondering if one of these options needs to be tweeked to get a clip that will play in Premiere properly.  Or perhaps there's another program that I can use to snag this clip from the DVD so that it will play in Premiere.


      I seriously only need about 4 or 5 seconds of this 90 minute film but in DVDx I've had to rip the entire film (only to find out it's not working with Premiere).  Is there an easier way to snag just that clip?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you are up-to-date (4.2.1), you can simply import a VOB file. Nothing to rip.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If the DVD is 100% DVD-compliant (very important), then CS4.2.1 can just Import the VOB, without needing to rip it. This ARTICLE will give you some more background on VOB's. If I were doing the ripping, I would want to rip to DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio, but I do not know if your ripping software will do that. That would be the ideal for editing (with the exception of that initial MPEG-2 compression, which is unavoidable, given your source material).


            Now, and only your eyes can tell, you can take the 4:3 MPEG-2 inside the VOB and use the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale to "full up" the width of the Frame, effectively cropping off the top, the bottom, or the top & bottom. Depending on the subject matter, you could also use Interpret Footage, and tell PrPro to deal with it as 16:9 with the appropriate PAR for your Project. Look at the footage closely, as it will change in the horizontal pixels.


            Starting with MPEG-2 and then probably Exporting to another MPEG-2 (for DVD-Video), is not the ideal. Two compressions will never be pretty, but might work for your purpose. Still, only you can make that determination.


            Personally, I would be very tempted to just redo the credit, but that will be more work. The end result, however, will be better, and with fewer potential problems.


            Good luck,



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              Dave Burgess

              I had a similar issue recently, My W7 64 bit machine was acting flaky handling VOBs, and I only needed short bits. I imported the VOB into virtualdubMod, selected what I wanted, and exported as DV-AVI. Worked and looked great, and was very fast.

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                nonlinear_ronin Level 1

                Thanks for the help!  I did need to update the software but once I did this it was easy to grab just the clip. Much simpler after all that wasted effort trying to rip the DVD!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  That enhancement to CS4.2 has saved many a lot of extra work. So long as the DVD is 100% compliant, Importing works so very well. Of course, one still has that initial MPEG-2 compression to deal with.


                  Glad that it worked for you, and thanks for reporting your success,