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    Several problems with Bones, anchor points, and Outlines


      EDIT: I mistook Adobe Flash Player for the actual Flash. Please move this thread to the Flash forum.


      I'm currently using Flash CS4 and Illustrator CS4 to make a animation for a school project. The problem is that certain things are preventing me from animating my character. This has been a problem for three weeks and it's very frustrating. Here's a list of the problems I'm having:


      1: I can't seem to add color to my character with Flash. What happens is that I select every path to choose a shape that I want to add color to. when I try to use the fill tool on the shape, it does nothing.


      2: When using the bone tool, I try to hook up the legs with the feet and the waist. Here's two things that happen: a) the bones move the colors but not the outline and b) nothing happens on my second try at the character.


      3: When I try to break apart the character to hopefully get the individual parts to move, I attach the bones, but only the color moves. The outline just stays in its place.


      Could someone help me with these?


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