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    I'm having problems with Color fills


      This has been bothering me for a while. I can't seem to color the shapes because of the Live Paint Bucket Tool. I click on the shape I want colored and nothing happens; only a window appears, lecturing me about selecting live paint groups. I also make sure that the shape is closed before I fill. The only workaround I have for this is very annoying and I need help.


      Can someone help me with this?

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          tromboniator Adobe Community Professional

          Did you fall asleep during the lecture? It is correct: you must make the shape or shapes into a Live Paint Group in order to color them with the Live Paint Tool.

          1. Make all the shapes you want to be part of the Live Paint Group.
          2. Select all of them.
          3. Click on Live PaintTool.
          4. Click on any part of the selected group.

          You can then select colors through the Color panel, the Swatches panel, or the Control panel to color fills or strokes.


          Read the Help files–they're quite clear about how to use Live Paint.



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            Arreon Level 1

            *Head on desk*


            I tried what you told me, and although I've managed to add color to the shapes, I've run into another problem (endless chains of problems are common in my world).


            Here's what happened:


            I'm coloring the ends of a shirt yellow, but I want the ends to match the waist area. Here's the problem: I use the eye dropper tool to get the color I need. I have the shirt end selected. The minute I click on the color I need, both the stroke and the fill switch to no color, then I change the color back to black.


            It turns into an endless cycle of erasing my strokes with the eye dropper tool.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              Make a swatch of th yellow fill you want and use the swatch panel to color it withthe live paint bucket  if that shape is part of the color group.


              If you can do this select your art and move the appearance panel close to the art as well as the layers panel and open the layer where the art is selected and take a screen shot including all three so we can see and post it here with the camera icon.