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    Absolute positioning

    ashveer munilal Level 1

      Hey guys


      Quick question, My website that I am working on has objects that's are absolute positioned. It looks fine when in dreamweaver but when I display it in the browser its does not align as should. Now I have put a link to the picture of how it should look and a link of the actual website. Please have a look and tell me what I am doing wrong thanks.


      Picture link: http://www.flyingant.co.za/Picture.html

      Site link: http://www.flyingant.co.za/




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          martincou Level 3

          When you use absolute positioning, your element is position in relation with his parent's element who has a position (relative or absolute) set to itself. If not, it will be position in relation to the body tag. Please note that when you use absolute positioning, the element is remove from normal document flow.




          1. Place your buttons in a parent container, with a position set to relative with no offset to it.
          2. Your buttons positioning set to absolute will be positionned in relation with the container.


          Hope this help !




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            ashveer munilal Level 1

            Thanks alot for the help its really appreciated.