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    DWT errors

    zabberwan Level 1



      Fiddling around on this site I suddenly encountered a problem using the templates. Please see attached image:


      25-Feb-10 about_dwt.jpg


      The code highlighted in green works perfectly, but the one in yellow works somewhat buggily (if there is any such word!), but the third option highlighted in red throws an error also shown in the image for want of some knowledge in the matter. I want to alsobe able to change the color o f the associated text as sometimes the background image of the link (a) or h2 or h3 is so dark that I need to change the text to a contrasting color.


      How can go about it, please?


      One more problem that I encountered was that when I make new images for the backgrounds for link (a) or h2 or h3 (using Fireworks) the image gets saved alright, but when I want to link the images to the templates or their those pages generated from them, the images don't show up in any of the folders (have separate folders for .png and .jpg etc). this happned or happens with the elements highlighted yellow.


      Thanks in advance



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          zabberwan Level 1

          The question has not been answered. Therefore, it's being bumped!

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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            Ok this took awhile.  The answer is in the Help system in case you wanted to know.  It took a bit of clicking from one article to the next but you eventually end up here:




            Based on that article (and Murray is probably around somewhere and could go into more detail), your type="text/css" is not valid and needs to be changed to type="color".


            To be honest my workflow does not flow through Fireworks at the moment so I do not know how to answer the second part of your question, but at least this should get you going in the right direction.

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              zabberwan Level 1

              Hello SnakEyez02,


              Thank you for responding to my query!


              Sorry, for thanking you so so late.


              It is now fixed. The problem was erroneously writing the property for color in the head region. I had written it as:


              #sidebar h3 {


                   color: @@(color)@@; This should have been color: @@(h3_text)@@;


                   background: url(@@(_images/headers/my_image.jpg)@@) repeat-x left top;



              But the Fireworks problem continues to vex me..


              Thanks again,



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                Zabeth69 Level 5

                Assuming that you have saved the images from Fireworks in your .png and .jpg folders within your site file, try refreshing the files list in the Files Panel.



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                  zabberwan Level 1

                  Hi Beth,


                  If you mean the Files Panel in Dreamweaver, I do this regularly after editing an image. Nevertheless, I did it again and forced the same to the folder on my desktop (Ctrl+F5), but the situation does not budge!


                  You see when I save an image or a graphic, Fireworks lets me do that. I can call the same image from within Fireworks - I can see the image after I have saved it. I can also make a new folder and save an image in it etc.


                  Now, when I want to view the file, let's say on the main folder of my site on my desktop, the image is no longer visible, there is no entry. If I made a new folder and saved the image in that, also the new folder does not show.


                  Same is the case in Dreamweaver. I cannot see the newly saved images. The old images I can see as always and move them or edit them.


                  And so thought Alice (or was it the Mad Hatter?), "It's getting curiouser and curiouser!"

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                    Zabeth69 Level 5

                    Yes, truly curious. Make doubly sure that you are saving the image files where you think you are saving them.


                    I say that because I use Fireworks frequently, as well as (of course!) Dreamweaver, and I find myself constantly checking and re-saving files that I have inadvertently placed in the wrong folders.


                    Let's say I have a png in Fireworks that I am working with and saving various parts of it as images in Dreamweaver, for instance, a file that has all the "title" images for a series of pages...they all need to be the same format, so I keep them as sublayers in one png file.


                    When I Export or do File >Image Preview for one of those sublayers, Fireworks remembers where...with that original png...I initially saved/exported the optimized file...which folder...usually in my site folder. So Fireworks gives me (as a default) the aforementioned save path. I can certainly change it, but it's convenient that it comes up automatically with the previously-used path for that png.


                    But when I go to another client's files and open an image that has never been exported or previewed or saved to a site file, the "save" path that comes up is that first client's folder, within their site, not the one I actually want. So I need to be mindful of where the save is happening.


                    If you are, as I am, consistent in folder names...especially keeping your pngs and your jpgs separate (though I don't do that...), it would be easy to mistake one png folder for another png folder.


                    This may not be what is happening at all, but I thought I'd relate my experience with Fireworks, in case it jogs some thoughts about what might be going on.



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                      zabberwan Level 1

                      Hi Beth,


                      Down that road, FW had tom fooled me a couple of times; but not anymore.


                      The first screenshot below shows the 3 files that I have just saved as .png files and are currently shown by FW under the Save as command.




                      After this I turn to DW and navigate to where the files are supposed to be. The second screenshot shows what I see in Dreamweaver. There is only a single file in that folder which was an old file I had moved in there. The file had been edited and saved as something else, but no longer there. All files that we see in the same folder in FW are not there!


                      01-Mar-10 seenDW.jpg


                      I am testing all this on the local Apache server as a host file 





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                        zabberwan Level 1

                        Hi Beth,


                        That problem about images Fireworks/Dreamweaver is now solved. Lastnight, I ran all the service and security arsenal on my machine, but nothing nasty turned up, not even the least bit of adware. I do keep a clean and healthy system, but wanted to make sure. On testing it the problem was still there. So, I thought I will uninstall and re-install Dreamweaver and if need be Fireworks also.


                        However, before getting the bazooka ready,  I started off this morning with creating a folder on my desktop and saved to it after editing a couple of images from the site that had been causing trouble. I then opened DW and my site to check if it would show the images. I could see the images and DW immediately prompted that the folder/files were outside of the site and if it should copy them to the appropriate folder. I said, "YES".


                        It copied them to the correct folder and I could even use them. I closed everything and this time I saved images to the appropriate folders directly and sure enough it showed them again and I could use them.


                        Since, I couldn't get to the bottom of it, can't say what it was or is, but is definitely good riddance to bad rubbish!


                        So, it's business as usual..



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                          Zabeth69 Level 5

                          Happy ending!