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    Help!  I need to have hotspots in a slideshow.


      Okay, here is where I'm at, and I really need some help.  Background information: I have Flash CS4, but the tutorial I

      used to create this used Action Script 2.0.


      Here is a link to what I have...




      Click on "inside this issue."  This is just a basic mockup of the site, but you can see that the client wants to have images of the pages of their publication that you can browse and have their advertising be clickable so it takes you to Coke's site for example.  The example you see there I did in Flash, but I was having trouble making the hotspots be active at the right time -- i.e. right now Morningside market is clickable even when the image is not up, and then it goes away and the hotspots I have on Coke aren't working.


      The client also wants to have links to each page by number i.e. Front Cover/1-2/2-3.  So I saw that that part would be easy to do in Fireworks, but can't figure out the clickable aspect.  Then on the other hand, in Flash, I can't get it all to work either.


      I'm stuck in the middle -- I can only get half of what I need to accomplished and can't figure out how to get it all.  Thanks so much if you have any advice!