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    How to get a Captivate 4 presentation to start with the first slide on second viewing?

    Hectic Electron

      I have created a 125-slide presentation in Captivate 4. Some slides are brief (< 1s) video captures, but most of them are simple slides with audio narration.


      The presentation plays fine the first time anyone watches it. Then, on subsequent viewings, the presentation (whether viewed in the context of the html file or by opening  the .swf directly) jumps to the position that it was at during the previous viewing. When viewed online, people notice a slight delay, so that it plays the  first half-second of the first slide, then jumps. For people who have watched the video all the way through, the presentation seems to jump from the first half-second ("Welcome...") to the last slide ("Thank you for watching," etc.).This has proven disorienting for our clients.


      Is there any way to get the presentation to forget this timestamp and just start from the beginning each time someone opens it? I have looked through Edit>Preferences... and the Help docs and haven't found any setting for this.


      As advised in the FAQ, I will try breaking up the presentation into three smaller ones, then Daisy-Chaining those together. However, I would be surprised if this solved the problem, since the presentation doesn't seem to be suffering from amnesia but rather from too good a memory.