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    Make a hand pointer appear on rollover a Buton?


      Hi, i have 4 butones made on flash.,now i have a customize pointer   also,that drugs on my movie,and now i want to do when i pass with my   pointer on rollover at the butones,to change my hand pointer into the   one that ihave made_
      movie hand pointer.
      wich are the actions  that i have to give?
      i have this code with as 3.0 until now.this  code is only for my pointer  mouse that i have.
      this.onMouseMove = function ()
      if (_xmouse < 4 || _ymouse < 4 || _xmouse > Stage.width - 4   || _ymouse > Stage.height - 5)
      pointer_mc._alpha = 0;
      pointer_mc._alpha = 100;
      } // end else if

      whats the code that i have to give for the movie handpointer_mc to  work  when i rollover a buton to show mine,and not the browser one  white.

      thanks guys!