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    List style not visible in printed documentation


      Robohelp 8.0.2


      Is this a bug???  I opted to use a numbered list style rather than a numbered paragraph style to label procedural steps.  The advantage of a list style is that skip numbering would not work properly using the paragraph style. i.e.:


      'Steps' Paragraph style with numbering associated:

      1. First step.

                Result of first step.

      1. Second step.            * Bullets and Numbering does not allow me to consistently "Restart numbering at 2" (and HTML this produces is faulty). 


      'NumberedStep' List style with numbering:

         1.  First step.

                 Result of first step.

         2.  Second step.               * Bullets and Numbering allow me to consistently "Restart numbering at 2."


      Now I see the consequences of my decision:  My 'NumberedStep' style is not included in the styles dropdown.  Inconvenient, but not itself the end of the world.





      The real problem is this:  Printed Documents are not consistent with the style defined in 'NumberedStep'.

      The font is larger than it should be, and indents are all over the place:


      list messed up.png


      This is the selection I made on Generate Printed Document:

      generate dialog.png


      On first review, all the styles in my source translated easily to Word, but the style for NumberedStep text was not.  That text is now 'Normal'.


      I've hunted high and low to solve this issue, so a direct reply is appreciated.

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          Nick@Tag Level 2

          Firstly, your better off using liststyles than paragraph list styles, I screwed around a long time before I had to set everything to liststyles rather than paragraph ones. So dont worry about that.


          The first issue, of not seeing the style - it is there, if you open the Styles tab on screen (click in a topic to get the cursor, then Format > Styles), not just the dropdown like youve shown youll see a list of all your styles, almost, it will show paragraph styles, click the drop-down and select All available styles, this will display your list styles as well!


          Im not sure about the style settings, I have the same text setting applied in my list style as I use for my 'normal' text. Though I think you can select the text in a list and apply a paragraph style to it....i just tried and it worked, but to be on the safe side you might want to set the text formatting in the list style css too..

          mine looks like this


          li.NumberList {
              font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;
              font-size: 10pt;
              color: #524C45;
              list-style: decimal;
              margin-bottom: 6pt;
              margin-top: 6pt;


          As for printed formats not indenting lists, this is an issue. So far I have found no way around it because you cannot map a  list styles in RH to a list style in Word. This has also created errors for line spacing and indents - and  I found the indents are severly messed up when using list styles in snippets. Everytime I create printed documentation I have to manually fix it, a pain but it doesnt take too long....you could use macros etc to speed it all up for you.


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          Hope it helps.


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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



            Nick is correct that indentation of lists has long been a problem.


            See Printed Documention on my site. Also see the RoboHelp Tour and the topic on lists.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips