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    No playback at all in program monitor PPro CS 4


      Hi all,


      I'm new to this and I'm not an expert with computers neither, so please excuse any incorrect terms and the like. Here's the problem: Premiere CS 4 (4.0.0) all of a sudden stopped playbacking my project. All clips, audio and video, do run in the source monitor, but NO action at all, not a single frame, in the program monitor. When moving the CTI / cursor thing around the timeline, I don't get any audio. Same when exporting, which went well before: I do get the video, but no audio. Again, all audio clips work in the source monitor. Im running Premiere on Windows XP. I already talked to the technical support. After resetting preferences, which didn't help, the guy suggested to create a new sequence. Here's the funny thing: If I only drag a limited number of clips into the new sequence, I do get playback, audio and video. As soon as I drag all of the clips into the sequence, I face the same problem as before: no playback, no audio. All of the clips have been there before the problem arose, so I guess it can't be just certain clips that cause the problem.

      Has anyone got any idea what could be done about this? Right now, I can't work on my project which is extremely frustrating as I've been working on it for months and am very close to finishing it.

      Thanks a lot in advance for any helpful thoughts...