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    Bloody forehead...

    MKlineGF Level 1

      Hello all -


      I've been trying to get Adobe Central Output Server 5.5 to print a document for a couple weeks now.  I can't get it to work so have been banging my head on my desk, hence the bloody forehead reference.   We have an old version of JetForms that's currently be used, but I'm trying to get Central 5.5 implemented and not having much luck.   Nobody at my work knows how to help me (except maybe provide a cushion on my desk to soften the blow)


      Adobe Output Server resides on our iSeries.   I've created the .mdf file on my laptop via Output Designer.  I've also created the .tdf file on my laptop and have put both of those in the IFS.   When I run the transformation from VTE on my laptop, it works great however when I try the iSeries job through Central ....nothing.   I'm getting an error that states, "jfserver:  [314] Agent exit message:  [6]Error opening .MDF file '..etc/exprint/forms/PICKMK.mdf".


      I have looked through the forum and found a couple references to this, but still cannot figure it out.


      Can anyone give me some pointers on what I need to be looking at?  Changing? 


      Thank You very much.

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          Vegard Bakke Level 1

          Can you turn on some more logging, and give us the 'Launching...' line please?


          In 'Central control' - 'Configuration' -  'Configure Central and Agents...' - 'Central Process'

          Set 'Message display' to '-10'. Stop and start the central service.


          Look at the parameters in the line after 'Launching' it is the exact command that the central service runs to start the print agent.



          BTW, if the error message is actually saying '..etc/exprint[...]' the answer might lie in a missing slash between '..' and 'etc'. (?).




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            MKlineGF Level 1

            Vegard -


            Thank You for your reponse.   Unfortunately I don't know how to do this.   I'm working on the AS/400 and within the Central main menus, I don't see any option that would allow me to do this.   


            Here is the whole error log however.   Does this help?


            [6]Error opening .MDF file '..etc/exprint/forms/PICKMK.mdf'.

            2010/02/25 12:25:02 jfserver: [306]Processing file 'OE341PR224890OE_DELYADVMKLINE000001.dat', '^job PICKBAR -zMILIVPL11 -w"' '" ../etc/extrans/tdf/DELYADV.tdf -afp..etc/exprint/forms/'.

            2010/02/25 12:25:02 jfserver: [307]Launching task '"/QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge" PICKMK.mdf /QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/server/data/OE341PR224890OE_DELYADVMKLINE000001.dat -j -l -apr -allstdout -asl1 -amq0 -ams -m1T -z"jflp 'MILIVPL11',p" -w"' '" ../etc/extrans/tdf/DELYADV.tdf -afp..etc/exprint/forms/ -aii/QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/server/etc/jfmerge.ini'.

            2010/02/25 12:25:04 /QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [125]* Processing data file: '/QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/server/data/OE341PR224890OE_DELYADVMKLINE000001.dat'.

            2010/02/25 12:25:04 /QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [6]Error opening .MDF file '..etc/exprint/forms/PICKMK.mdf'.

            2010/02/25 12:25:04 /QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [210]Nothing was printed.

            2010/02/25 12:25:04 jfserver: [314]Agent exit message: [6]Error opening .MDF file '..etc/exprint/forms/PICKMK.mdf'.




            Thank You in advance for your help.

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              Vegard Bakke Level 1

              Yes, that helps. Here you have the 'Launching...' log line, saying that it is starting the agent 'jfmerge', and that this print agent should load the design file 'PICKMK.mdf' from the folder '..etc/exprint/forms' (-afp). I believe the error is a lack of slash between: '..' and 'etc' -> '../etc/'.


              Launching task '"/QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge" PICKMK.mdf /QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/server/data/OE341PR224890OE_DELYADVMKLINE0000 01.dat -j -l -apr -allstdout -asl1 -amq0 -ams -m1T -z"jflp 'MILIVPL11',p" -w"' '" ../etc/extrans/tdf/DELYADV.tdf -afp..etc/exprint/forms/ -aii/QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/server/etc/jfmerge.ini'.



              I'm not at all familiar with AS/400, so I don't know your specifics of your interface. If you can open your print agent's inifile (-aii) '/QOpenSys/usr/local/adobe/central/server/etc/jfmerge.ini' you'd probaly find a setting for 'FormPath' with the incorrect path.


              OR if you find how to change your menus, look for File locations, Form files.


              OR the -afp path may be set in your Job Management Database (file 'jfserver.jmd').



              Try this and tell us if it helps...




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                MKlineGF Level 1

                Vegard -


                Thank You.   Such a small thing, a "/"  but it made all the difference.   The form printed! 


                I do however need to now tweak my .mdf  and my .tdf  forms because the data on my form isn't quite right.


                Thank You for your help Vegard.