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    AE file association broken

    Laer2 Level 1

      For some reason, my .aep files are no longer associated with AfterEffects CS3.  I tried re-associating them (with the Open With feature), but it doesn't seem to remember the association after I enter it (the Always Open With This App is checked).


      I went so far as to even do a repair installation of CS3, but the same thing remains.  No matter how I try, it will not link the file with the app.  The app and files are all fine (I can load the files FROM the app... just not double click on the files to load the app and file).


      Even manually associating them (creating a new extension definition, and linking the app to it) doesn't work.  With all the methods, it ACCEPTS it, but doesn't appear to apply it.  The file icon remains generic too.


      Any ideas what I can adjust to get the link happening?  I figure it's a registry thing, although I looked into that as well and couln't get any change.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check the Advanced part of your file associations. The extension is possibly being clogged up by some generic tool like a text editor or packer. Any file extension can only have so many programs associated. You might in fact need to remove all generic association of that potentially offending program to make this work. Similarly, make sure the AEP extension is not being flagged in some security tool and thus always disabled/ reset for your safety...



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            Laer2 Level 1

            Could you elaborate on where I would look and what I would change?  It seems like every attempt I make is accepted, but isn't applied.


            Latest issue: Now, AfterEffects is giving me a 'Licensing subsoftware has experienced a catastrophic failure'!


            What's going on?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, looks like you have a more serious issue on your system. Perhaps a virus or really your security running amok? The rest is not really clear. I mean, you know better than me what software you have on your system. Extension overload cannot be fixed by justt adjusting the one file type. you realyl need to verify what tools you have. E.g. if you have a packer tool like WinZip it will have options to provide context menu entries and associate itself with a number of file types in the prefs. Same for Quicktime, TextPad etc. That's what you must investigate. If you wanted to do it the manual way, you will have to literally nuke all existing third-party file associations and rebuild all of them....



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                Laer2 Level 1

                UPDATE: I uninstalled AfterFX, and reinstalled it.  The license issue

                seems to be resolved, and the .psd and .aep icons are restored again....

                but ONLY when I'm logged in as an administrator.  When I went over to my

                regular user account, the icons were still generic, and the file

                association still broken... but the license issue on AfterFX is no

                longer there.


                   Any ideas what to do next?

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                  Laer2 Level 1

                  Okay, I just verified that it's a permission thing.  If I put my user

                  account as an administrator account, everything gets fixed... file

                  icons, file associations, etc.


                     That said, what specifically is it that is holding back the Adobe

                  suite from associating the files properly?  What could I alter on the

                  permissions (or whatever) to get it to work?


                     I just tried allowing Write actions to the Adobe folders/file, but

                  that didn't work.  I'm going to try Modify next.


                     Any ideas?