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    problem finding AS3 files in source path folder

      Hi all,
      i'm using :
      <mx:Script source="MyFile.as"/>
      where MyFile.as is inside a source path.
      i defined the source path by doing :
      Project/Properties/Flex Build Path/Source Path/Add Folder
      and added:

      now the actual file sits at c:\dev\myClasses\MyFile.as
      but i'm getting the error:
      Problem finding external file: MyFile.as

      adding the source path created a source folder in the project folder, called "[source path] myClasses"
      i tried
      <mx:Script source="myClasses/MyFile.as"/> --> failed
      <mx:Script source="[source path] myClasses"/> --> failed (obviously, but hey... i'm stuck on it for 2 hours now :) )

      any help?