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    Bug in Acrobat Reader Plugin for FF?




      i use a web application which pulls pdf reports from a server by http-post requests, so parameters are transmitted in the requests-body.

      As a viewer i do use Acrobat Reader Plugin, most recent release with FF 3.0.3 on Windows XP pro.

      So due of the http-post requests the requested url remains always the same for every report.


      The problem:

      In case of two reports having the same content-length, the former requested report is displayed as the result of the last request, though the content is different.

      The effect could be reproduced.


      Obviously the plugin cant distinguish the reports. With Acrobat Reader as the Viewer and with IE and Adobe AddOn all reports are displayed correct.


      Beside the http-post implmentation may not be the best way to do this, is this a bug or mishandling by the user.